Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Day one on the blog

Ok, so here I am in the new world of blogging. I have my brother to thank for thank you Donnie. I am not quite sure how I will use this outlet. I know some in my life are worried that I will lose my privacy and I think others may be worried they may lose theirs. For the time being I think I will use this to find others who have similar stories, challenges and adventures as well as to keep in touch with family and friends who may like to know what is going on daily, weekly etc...with me and my family. I will be documenting my life as a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, runner, volunteer, chef (a.k.a. short order cook to a family of five), gardener, avid reader and anything else that pops into my mind (changing names as I see fit to protect the identity of those who may not want their world on the world wide web) Hoping to add humor and entertainment to your daily grind as well as comfort in knowing you are not alone is this journey called life.


  1. Looks great Jo! Keep it up. Remember that you can keep this as private or as public as you want. Mine cannot be looked up through google even if you look up the blog name! It's all up to you. Just have fun with it. May I put a link to yours on mine?

  2. Hey Jo, Good luck with your blog. My sister Heidi passed the address on to me, as I've also just started a blog..and don't know where it's headed! Looking forward to following you as we both start this new adventure!