Monday, November 22, 2010

A road once traveled

So much has change over the last three months. After my MRI results and a steroid treatment in early September, slowly but surely I have gained strength and moved forward. I am feeling great. I have pushed through the storm and have sunny skies ahead. I cannot tell you how much I now appreciate feeling good. I am thankful for each day that is given to me. So much so, that as soon as I started feeling better I decided I needed to set a goal for myself. Challenge where I am today to where I could be.

So here I come Myrtle Beach Half Marathon!! I know, I know, many will think I am crazy, but this is giving me such a lift. I love a challenge and this will surely be one. I need to get that feeling back, the high of not only doing something good for myself, but the feeling of success after a run. Sure this will be different from races in the past. It will be a before and after makeover of sorts. I will need a new plan, I will need to change my expectations, however, I need to do this just to say that I did. Some will call it stubborn or foolish, I call it determination, "going confidently in the direction of my dreams" (Henry David Thoreau).

I look forward to this journey I have decided to take. I look forward to growing and realizing just how far I can push myself. I will be documenting the road I travel and hope you will come along for the ride. It's going to be a good one!!


  1. Woo-hoo!!!!

    You going to do those Crossway hills with me?