Monday, October 19, 2009

CRS disease

I am pretty sure I am not the only one with this condition. It's called "CRS" also known as "can't remember shit". I am not sure when it became full blown but it is certainly here now. I have three girls and I think that it may have started after the littlest one Jackie was born. I am not sure that there is any treatment or if one just suffers along with the embarrassment of it all.

In the past couple of weeks I have missed a few things because of this condition. I have left my kids at school (on more than one Wednesday afternoon) when they have had early dismissal only to have the school call and say "Mrs. Haskell? Your girls are here in the office" and for me to reply "yes, and why are they there?", office lady says "did you forget it was Wednesday?" to which my response each time is "Oh Shit!"

I was just cleaning off my desk to get ready to do some volunteer work on the computer. In the midst of the clutter I found a birthday invitation to a party that happened yesterday,
"Oh Shit!" It was for Jackie, who was all excited about a party for Benjamin at Marbles Museum in downtown Raleigh. We had a long discussion about it at the dinner table last week. Jenna told her how much fun it would be and how we should all go as a family during track out. Needless to say we did not make the party. I just emailed the mom a huge apology (I think I said sorry six times in three sentences!) I forgot to even RSVP, which is even more embarrassing, since that is such a pet peeve of mine!

Twice last week I forgot which week it was so when I told Julia what was on the lunch menu at school I told her the wrong meal was being served! I actually blamed it on the school both times until I went back to look the next day and had to tell her that I am living in the world of an overloaded mommy who cannot even tell which week it is. She now double checks my work (so sad!)..."Oh Shit!"

I had an invitation to a charity fundraiser for next weekend. We got it last month. The reply date was for October 1st. My husband reminded me after a run with one of the guys who put the fundraiser together. I told him I thought he must be mistaken, I had plenty of time to RSVP. Come to find out...I was wrong ...again..."Oh Shit!" Apologies sent yet again...thankfully we have not missed that one...yet!

I am on some medication to help with my exhaustion. One would think this would be something I could remember. Yeah, uhm, no it's not. I had my mom hear about a month ago. She put the timer on in the kitchen every day for me to remember. The timer would go off and she would have to remind me again to go and take it. ( I have to take it first thing in the morning and then at noon). She even put the pills in a plastic snack baggie and put them in my purse. (all but one are still there). Another "Oh Shit!".

Now these are just the things I can remember forgetting, who knows what else I have missed? I do keep a calendar on the fridge with most appointments etc. written down. It's just the issue of reading the correct week (simliar to the lunch menu). I keep "to do" lists as well. I am still working on a treatment plan. I have not given up hope for a cure, but for now I will just have to keep plugging along.

I have to say I am not proud of the fact that all three of my girls know how to use the phrase "Oh Shit!" in the correct context...I can only hope this disease is not hereditary!


  1. I hear you! Today I put on the oven for some lunch, walk to the living room t put a toy away and went right back to the kitchen and gasped "Who put on the oven!" I swore it had to be one of the boys. Not until I opened it and saw my leftovers did I remember that I turned it on. CRS is spreading!

  2. it's spreading faster than swine flu! I've been afflicted for several years now!

  3. It is not proven, but stress is most likely the cause of CRS! I think "they" are doing a research study at Duke to determine the best treatment :)