Sunday, February 21, 2010


I just finished looking at a friend's fundraising page ( for his upcoming run at THE Boston Marathon. Since I started running a couple of years ago I have always had this little (ok BIG) dream that some day I would run Boston. I still hold onto that dream and hold it as my ultimate goal. With that said it's kind of funny to have such a goal when I have run only a handful of times since November's half marathon in OBX.

My friend Rob is running Boston this year and then following up that run with another marathon 2 weeks later in Vancouver. CRAZY?!?! yes, inspirational most definitely! Rob started running only a couple of years ago, just like me. We went to high school together, so we are the same age...therefore I think if he can do it so can I. I may not be running 26.2 miles with him in April, but I have signed up for a 5 mile run two weeks from today, that benefits MS. Perhaps this will be my starting point for training. It would give me a year + to get my miles up. I could do a half marathon in the fall and just continue to up my mileage over the winter with the ultimate goal of running Boston in 2011.

I am sure that you all think I am crazy for even considering this....maybe I am. Even so, today I actually feel like it is something I can do. I am going to lace up my sneakers this morning and take that first, next step toward Boston. Without putting the cart before the horse I will prepare myself as best I can for the race in 2 weeks. The power of positive thinking and taking one step at a time.

Thanks Rob for inspiring me to get back out there. To put my feet on the road and to take another step. Thanks for reminding me that with hard work and determination we can achieve our dreams. I am still running down that dream....

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  1. As the great Gloria Steinum would say "Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning." Go for it girl!