Thursday, March 24, 2011

what a whirlwind!

Where did the last three weeks go?!?!  Things have been so busy with my two teams fundraising for the Village People in NC and the Village People North in NH.  We had GREAT success last weekend with our Loose Change Drive in our neighborhood.  We had so many people help us cover the neighborhood it was fantastic.  Now I want you all to sit down because what I am about to tell you will lay you out FLAT! It took us 2 hours to collect LOOSE CHANGE and we brought in $1340.00!!!  You heard me right, $1340 smackeroos!!!  So for those of you who think you do not have enough money to make a difference, I am hear to tell you that YOU DO!  I usually say that every dollar counts...I am changing that to every penny!

Today I sampled wine with a few girlfriends at Niche Wine Lounge in Holly Springs, NC.  Nic and Devon were fantastic, especially for me since I don't know "jack" about wine! Nic has kindly allowed us to christen his new wine cellar on April 2nd.  If you are local you must go to Niche to meet him.  A true generous soul...with a salty mouth!  Just my kind of friend!  He does a lot for our local community and it would be great to show your appreciation by visiting Niche for a fine glass of wine.

If you are interested we have tickets for sale now($25) and at the door ($30).  We will have a superb array of wines to taste and a crowd that will have more fun than should be allowed.  Many thanks to Nic and Niche...I am blessed to know you!

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