Friday, January 1, 2010

Year in Review

Wow...another month, another year, another decade...where does the time go? So many ways to look back and reflect. This year I am going to show myself how far I have come. I am going to focus on the things that made my glass half full. So many times I have looked back over years and see things I want to change, things that I regret doing or not doing. Focusing on what went wrong, not what went right, focusing on things that need to be "let go"...

This year I gained drops of spiritual strength and found that yet again when I ask He will provide for my heart and soul, no matter how long I may stray.

I gained drops of maternal strength. I watched in amazement when Jackie had surgery and healed her body with a resilience in only the way a 4 year old could. I've seen my Jenna go to both ends of the spectrum of emotions and find ways to make better choices. I remember how hard it was to see beauty in myself when I was 9 (and many other ages!) and am finding ways to show my Beautiful Julia ways to see her own beauty and build her self confidence. I have been lifted up by the arms of a five year old's embrace. I have been crying with laughter by a 7 year old's gift of humor. I have been brought to my knees with pride by the determination of a 9 year old to always do her best.

I have gained drops of physical strength as I trained and completed two half marathons despite the fact of being diagnosed with MS.

I have gained drops of inner strength. I have found this past year that deep down inside of myself I am a fighter. I have a will and a desire to live a full, productive life. I have determination and drive. I have a competitive spirit that makes me strive to be the best I can be. I have a giving heart and find much reward in giving something of myself to others. I have a sense of humor and the ability to make people laugh, even when all they want to do is cry. I have found a way to shed negativity and look for the positive. I have dug deep and pulled myself up by my bootstraps on more than one occasion this past year.

As I reread what I have written I am happy. I am grateful. I can appreciate the fact that this year has been very difficult in many ways but with that difficulty I became a better me. Without all the challenges I would not have grown. I would not have started to seek out the little drops in the bucket, the small victories that make it worth taking that next step. All the little drops add up over the year. I have gained more than half a glass full of drops. My cup is overflowing.

As you all reflect on this past year I encourage you to look for the positive, to let go of the negative and to try to see the small drops in your glass. It is empowering & uplifting to be able to find the beauty in your own self. I am hoping that my daughters will be able to see their beauty well before they turn 40. If not, I pray that when they do, they will see that all that has happened in their life has made them the amazingly, unique, beautiful women they have become.

" cup overflows. Surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life"
Psalm 23:5


  1. You should write a book. You are a gifted writer and should share that with others.


  2. Jo - I love the way you always look at the positive! When I read your posts I am reminded to do the same. Thank you.